Spousal Support Alimony & Palimony

The vast majority of people are unversed in the specifics of spousal support. Things like alimony and palimony - which are typically ruled upon by a family court judge - can be affected by a number of different scenarios and situations. Whether you receive alimony or palimony, or if you have to pay it, understanding your rights within the scope of spousal support is essential. One of the best ways to protect those rights is by retaining a divorce attorney who focuses on spousal support, alimony and palimony.

Spousal Support Disputes

As people's circumstances in life change, the amount of spousal support they pay or receive can fluctuate. Various events can prompt a change in the amount of spousal support being paid. Such things include:

  • A loss of employment, including a demotion or a reduction in pay
  • A raise, or increase in pay
  • Changes in financial obligations
  • Entering into a new marriage

The law regarding palimony and alimony varies significantly from state to state. For that reason, it is imperative to consult with a local divorce lawyer who is experienced in this area of the law. Such legal representation can ensure that you don't inadvertently pay more than you're supposed to... or ensure you receive every last penny that you are owed. Don't go it alone when it comes to alimony, palimony and spousal support - speak with a licensed attorney about your situation.

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