Depending on where you live, and on the specific circumstances of your case, an assault charge can be a misdemeanor or a felony. Many people do not realize it, but a charge of simple assault can be turned into assault with a dangerous weapon or felonious assault based on just a few small things. The difference between being charged with a misdemeanor or a felony often hinges on the skills of the criminal law attorney who you have hired. If you have been charged with assault, the first thing you need to do is track down a criminal defense lawyer who is focused on defending assault charges.

Assault Charges

Assault charges can stem from a variety of different circumstances, including:

  • A road rage incident
  • A fight in a bar
  • A dispute with a neighbor
  • Domestic violence
  • A simple misunderstanding that develops into a physical altercation

Regardless of the circumstances that prompted assault charges against you, it is always in your best interests to retain an attorney who has a track record with defending those accused of assault. Your freedom could be at stake - connect with an attorney immediately when you are charged with assault.

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