Domestic Violence

As a victim of domestic violence, you have several options available to you under the law. Unfortunately, many of us are woefully unfamiliar with what our specific rights are; for that reason, many cases of domestic violence go unreported - and unpunished - each and every day. Confusion over what constitutes domestic violence is another reason why so many cases are swept under the rug, especially by defense attorneys. If you believe that you are the victim of domestic violence, it is critical that you retain an experienced domestic violence attorney immediately.

Is It Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence doesn't always involve a husband hitting a wife, or vise-versa. Many different situations may qualify as domestic violence; they include:

  • One individual continually harassing another one when involved in a close or intimate relationship
  • Receiving threats from an individual who you live under the same roof with
  • Being stalked by a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Experiencing physical violence at the hands of anybody who you are especially close to

Unfortunately, law enforcement does not always arrest the right person. In cases of domestic violence, you can increase the odds that the appropriate individual will be punished under the law by bringing on board a skilled domestic violence attorney. Like anyone else, you have the right to live peacefully in your own home. Threats of violence, stalking, outright violence and anything else that makes you uncomfortable or that limits your freedom should be addressed by the law - a domestic violence lawyer can help.

We care about you and your rigts. Protect yourself and your rights and find a highly qualified local attorney in your area. 

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