Parole & Probation

Whether you've escaped jail time by serving probation or you're enjoying a shorter stay behind bars through parole, adhering to the terms and conditions of either circumstance is essential. All too often, misunderstandings arise during the course of a parole or probation. Being unclear about what is expected of you can put you at risk for violation, which can mean more jail or prison time. If you are facing the possibility of being locked up again, it is critical to speak with a criminal law attorney.

Your Freedom May Be At Stake

It's all too easy to inadvertently violate the conditions of a parole or probation - and doing so can cost you, big time. For example, confusion over these and other things can cause you to run afoul of the terms of your probation or parole:

  • Geographical restrictions
  • Curfews
  • Community service requirements
  • Appointment times
  • Who you are or are not allowed to associate with
  • Drug screening and testing
  • Maintaining employment

Your freedom is important. One of the best ways to protect that freedom is to have a reputable criminal defense attorney experienced in parole or probation issues backing you up. In the end, it can mean the difference between returning to jail and remaining a free person.

We care about you and your rigts. Protect yourself and your rights and find a highly qualified local attorney in your area. 

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